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All we need is Name, Address and the Date of Birth of the person you are researching and you will get your background check back within 24 hours (usually within 2-6 hours) 

Our $20.00 comprehensive 50 state criminal record background search utilizes all city, state and county databases, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.  All of our searches are FCRA, EEOC, OFAC, and ADA compliant. 

Our reports contain all arrests and convictions, including the type and nature of the arrest, court dates and final disposition, including parole, probation and incarceration records.  This also Includes all felonies, misdemeanors, DUI's And sexual predators!    

This guarantees that ALL the Information you Receive Is 100% Accurate, Reliable and updated daily.   All our searches are SSL encrypted and 100% confidential. Your information is never released or sold to other databases.   Click here to complete our secure online order form.  If you have any questions, please call 704-606-9497 or e-mail us.  We look forward to working with you!    

$20 Background Checks!

Are you looking for a local company to work with to perform your company's background checks, drug tests, driving records or MVR's, skills assessments tests, pre-employment screening, tenant screening, credit checks and more? 


onAco Information Services works with you to provide top-notch screening services to make sure you are hiring the right employee, nanny, renting to the right tenant, dating a safe person, etc.  No matter what your reason is for using our services, we are here to help you!  Give us a call at 704-606-9497 or use our contact form and we will respond ASAP!


 1) For background checks & more, complete our order form.  Make sure to have a signed copy of a consent form on file.  We will only need a copy of the consent form if you are ordering a credit report.  Please upload the form with your submission.  If you need to order an MVR Report, click here, to order.  If you need a skills assessment test, click here to order.

Please call us or e-mail us if you have any questions!

Background Check Solutions for -> Individuals

Checking to see what a future employer will see, hiring a nanny, potential roommates, elder care, dating… . there are lots of reasons to order a background check. Criminal records, verification of credentials, drug screens and more:

Learn more about our background screening services:
  • Identification Services
  • Instant address / SSN Trace
  • National Security and Government Sanctions
  • Criminal Records
  • Instant multi-state criminal records
  • County criminal
  • State criminal records
  • Federal criminal
  • National sex offender records
  • International criminal records
  • Verifications

Landlord: Tenant Screening Packages

Property managers, apartment managers, real estate management firms and landlords across the US utilize our powerful and cost-effective screening reports of potential applicants with confidence!  Use can use our Tenant Screening Checks to help protect your business and properties with ease!

When renters don’t pay their rent, it can be emotionally stressful; it is a drain on your wallet, your time, and your patience as a landlord. Whether you rent apartments as a profession or you are just looking to rent out your second home or a spare room; you want the confidence that the person moving in will fulfill his or her obligation to pay rent and adhere to your lease.

Without rental credit history, current tenant screening and credit reports used by landlords who rent out apartments, homes or rooms still resulted in the loss of billions of dollars each year from renters who skip, are evicted, cause damage or simply do not pay their rent. According to industry studies and apartment executives, each incident costs the owner or manager over $4,000.

Online Skills Testing: $25.00 per Test

Skills Assessment Testing
Our Employment Testing solutions have been chosen by leading employers to quickly and efficiently identify the right talent for the right positions. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that mis-hiring a $100,000 per year manager costs the employer about $300,000.

Online Dating & Background Checks

Online dating is the latest of dating trends and can be a great way to meet people... but you never really know who you’re meeting - without performing a background check first. 

Meeting someone in person that you initially met online can be scary because most dating websites do not run background checks on their members but that is slowly changing after one woman was sexually assaulted by a man she met on Match.com and sued the company.  

However, it is still not  foolproof or a comprehensive security measure, even if they do!  Things can always slip through the cracks and people are con-artists.  Additionally, sex offenses are not the only crimes one can commit...just because someone does not appear on the sex offender registry does not mean they are not a criminal.  People can be batterers, thieves, or even already married, which opens up a completely different can of worms.

No system is completely foolproof, and it may not even be possible for every dating website to find out every little thing that may be unfavorable about all of its members.  So, it doesn’t hurt, if you have any suspicion about the person you are meeting, or even if you don’t, to take your safety into your own hands and run a national background check.

Ten Background Check Facts that all Employers Should Know

  • 90% of American corporations perform background checks-  with such a substantial number ensuring they’re getting employees they feel are truly valuable, do you really want to be part of the 10% that don’t? 
  • 10% of all background checks have at least one serious red flag- 1 in 10 is quite a high number when you consider the number of background checks performed, and a serious red flag is not something you can simply shake off. 
  • 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information. Consider the number of applicants you had for your last open position. More than half of them lied on their application. Don’t you wish you knew who had been telling the truth?  
  • Workplace violence accounts for 18% of all violent crime. Background checks can help you screen out those with a violent history during the application process. 
  • Employers have lost more than 78% of negligent hiring cases. Screening out bad applicants prior to hiring can save you a lot in the long term, and with the odds against you in the courts, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  • 30% of all business failures are caused by employee theft.  That’s almost 1 in 3 failed businesses that may have been saved had employment screening occurred.  Performing background checks will help to ensure those you employ won’t steal from you. 
  • Workplace drug and alcohol use costs U.S. businesses an estimated $100 billion each year. Make drug testing a key part of your background check process, to make sure those you are employing do not have an alcohol or drug problem. 

Top 10 Ordered Background Searches!

We are a leading worldwide provider of Professional Pre-Employment Screening Services and Background Checks for Corporations, Government Organizations, Charitable Organizations, Small Businesses and Individuals. We provide accurate and quality background screening data in a timely manner..


Top 10 Ordered Background Searches:
With integrated Applicant Tracking, Background Screening, Drug Testing, MVR's, skills testing and more, onAco provides companies with very powerful tools to assist them in making smarter hiring decisions to protect their workplace.  We have NO Monthly Fees, NO Setup Fees and NO Minimum Ordering Requirements!  Our customer service is top notch, so give us a try today... you will not be disappointed!

Benefits of Employment Background Screening

Why do employers conduct background checks? Is it simply to verify a job candidate’s qualifications, or are there additional benefits? The 2012 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report reveals the top four benefits employers realize by conducting background screening and how it adds value to their organization.

1. Improved quality of hire
Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents said that the quality of their hires improved due to background screening. Background checks help uncover false information on resumes, where 70 percent of respondents have reported finding an inaccuracy. In addition, respondents are finding misrepresentations more than once, where 74 percent of respondents cited that they find misrepresented information up to 10 percent of the time. In another recent study, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) found that job seekers who had committed negative acts in the past were the most likely to have falsified resumes.

If an applicant misrepresents their employment history, education, certifications, criminal history or employment eligibility, not only could it result in a poor hire, it could also potentially result in financial, legal and regulatory risks for the hiring organization. A background screening program can help uncover false or misrepresented information early on and prevent future risks and elevated hiring costs. 

2. Reduced negligent hiring risks
Twenty-nine percent of survey respondents said that background screening helped to mitigate negligent hiring risks. Negligent hiring claims may arise, for example, when a worker causes harm to a co-worker or third party within the scope of their job and the victim claims that the worker had a record of or propensity for causing this type of harm that the employer should have discovered if it had conducted its “due diligence”. If this allegation is proven, then the employer may be liable for negligent hiring damages. 

How We Help NC Small Businesses!

1. Costs
Background screening used to involve a steep investment in systems and personnel that only mid-sized and larger organizations could afford.  Now with easy to implement and affordable on-demand screening solutions, more small businesses are able to manage their background screening programs effectively. However, small businesses that elect to conduct background checks in-house may be left with a process that is labor intensive and more costly to perform.

2. Timeliness
Small businesses are getting timely results and reducing time-to-hire. An on-demand screening solution streamlines what was once a manual and disjointed process, thereby greatly reducing the turnaround time for receiving background screening results.

In a competitive hiring environment, those businesses with the quickest screening results and time-to-hire will often win the best candidates. Employers that attempt to conduct background screening in-house may fail to achieve the rapid turnaround times that on-demand background screening providers can provide.
3. Compliance
Compliance with regulations at the state and federal levels topped the lists of business challenges and screening-specific challenges that small businesses face.  Partnering with onAco can add value by providing access to compliance information and resources as well as tools integrated into the screening solution that can help to facilitate the organization’s compliance. Employers that choose to conduct background checks internally must continually ensure that their own processes and policies are compliant with evolving legislation and regulation.